Mr. Tom Kenney

Athletic Director


     Athletics are an integral part of the total education program we offer at East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School. Eligible young men and women are encouraged to try out for the school's numerous athletic teams.

     A Student must have a physical examination prior to trying out. The physical examination for athletic participation should be administered by the student’s primary care physician or through the family’s health care provider because that doctor has knowledge of your medical history and is able to give the most thorough examination. Dr. Dunn will again donate his time and services to provide athletic physicals for students who are not able to make arrangements for physicals prior to Fall tryouts.

     East Bridgewater High School is known for its high academic standards, athletic excellence and good sportsmanship. The 2014-2015 school year saw unprecedented achievement in athletics: sixteen tournament teams, nine South Shore League titles and two state championships. A total of 42 student-athletes were honored as All-Scholastics.

     We welcome all of our alumni and fans to join us in Viking Country as we continue to build upon our impressive athletic tradition.

     Thank you to the East Bridgewater community for the encouragement and support we have always received. School spirit has never been greater. I am proud to serve as your Athletic Director.





      All athletes must register at the beginning of each season. Registration is required for participation.

     Each athlete is also required to pay a onetime per schoolyear user fee of $350 to participate in school athletics. Payment is expected on or before the first day of practice. If an athlete does not make the team the user fee will be returned.Checks should be made payable to The Town of East Bridgewater.

Tom Kenney



 MIAA Rule Regarding Physical Exams:

56. Student Eligibility/School Requirements: Physical Examinations/Medical Coverage/Concussions 
56.1 All students must pass a physical examination prior to participation in High School Athletics. A physical exam covers the student for 13 months from the exam date. Students no longer should be allowed to participate until the end of the season when their physical expires during the season. A student’s eligibility will terminate once a physical has reached the 13 month limit.

Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered Licensed Physician, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse.
There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the MIAA Physical Exams Rule.
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