September 4, 2014
Dear Parents/Guardians;

I know that the safe transportation of your child/children is a major concern to you as it is to us.

This morning all but Bus A arrived at the Junior/Senior High s School safely by 7:30.  To ensure that we have students to school on time we are going to begin the Junior/Senior High School bus runs ten minutes earlier tomorrow (Friday, September 5th).

All buses arrived safely at the Middle School by 8:20 and all buses arrived at Central School by 9:05.

By all accounts that is a tremendous improvement over last year.

I would like to address the parents who are not happy with their child/children’s stops.  We are now transporting your child/children with 12 buses rather than the 14 we had last year.  The reason simply is money.

Why don’t we call or get back to you in a timely fashion?   Simple, the volume of calls makes it impossible.

What we are doing to rectify the issues or safety?  We have asked Officer Harvey, of the East Bridgewater Police Department, to investigate those bus stops that parents are insisting are unsafe.

In my previous emails and web messages, I have repeatedly explained that it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days to work on the logistics of transportation.  We never really know the liabilities of routes until the bus drivers ride the routes with the children and report back to us.

How can you help?  Be patient.  Once again I thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


John A. Moretti, Superintendent of Schools

Referred to in the Community as “The Great Oz”