March 27, 2015
Dear Parents/Guardians;

As I conclude my tenure as the Interim Superintendent of Schools in East Bridgewater, I send an urgent request to the community to seriously consider an operational override in the very near future.

Prior to my arrival in East Bridgewater, I served as a Superintendent of Schools for fifteen years in three different school districts.  I can state proudly that I never ended a fiscal year with a deficit until arriving in East Bridgewater.

The last two years have taken every ounce of creativity, imagination, thoughtfulness and financial acumen that I had gained over fifteen years to deal with the continual saga of not having an appropriated budget that was sufficient to properly run the school system.

I regret to inform the community that we will once again end the fiscal year with a deficit, and will require an additional appropriation from the town to balance our budget.

There would those in the community who would point to this need for additional funding as further evidence that the school district is mismanaged.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have implemented every conceivable financial control, checks, and balance to ensure that we did not over spend our budget, despite our best efforts we feel short of our goals due to unanticipated costs in special education, athletics, personnel and utilities.

On May 8, 2015, Ms. Elizabeth Legault will begin her tenure as Superintendent of Schools in East Bridgewater.  Ms. Legault is a dynamic, vibrant, and bright visionary leader whose chemistry is perfect for East Bridgewater.

Those traits while laudable will only translate into success if she is given adequate financial support to operate the school system.

As I leave East Bridgewater I know that the budget Ms. Legualt inherits will allow her to function.  To what degree is an entirely different question?

The children of East Bridgewater are not being well served by the town fathers’ reluctance to appropriate sufficient funds to develop a competitive school district.  Your children deserve better!

Respectfully submitted,

John A. Moretti

Superintendent of Schools