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School Committee Goals

FY16 East Bridgewater Public Schools School Committee Goals

Goal #1:               Financial Management
We will support the development of a sustainable five year budget plan that is fiscally responsible and provides opportunities for achievement for all our students.

Benchmarks (1 year):

        Review monthly budget reports.

        Support and participate in Contract Negotiations.

        Work with town officials to advocate school needs in the context of town financial plans (e.g. Full day kindergarten for all students in 3 years).

Goal #2:               Committee Development
Through the use of available resources, we will work to enhance the communication, efficiency and effectiveness of the committee.

Benchmarks (1 year):

        Develop collaborative communication between the Superintendent & School Committee

        attend MASC/MASS joint conference

        Schedule an East Bridgewater School Committee Workshop with a MASC facilitator

        Develop a protocol and local orientation for new School Committee Members.


Goal #3:               Superintendent’s Performance

Recognizing the importance of the Superintendent’s role in leading our district, the School Committee will actively participate in the evaluation process.

                                Benchmarks (1 year):

        Support the Superintendent in participating in the Superintendent Induction Program

        Monitor the Superintendent’s work towards meeting the goals she has set forth according to the Massachusetts Superintendent Evaluation. 

        Support the process of developing a Strategic Plan to guide our schools into the future.

        Evaluate the Superintendent’s performance and complete the School Committee overall evaluation by December 2016, conducting a public evaluation by January 2017.

Goal #4:               Policy Development

We will review, revise and maintain the School Committee Policies to ensure our policies reflect the needs and best interests of our students, faculty and staff and align with District mission and vision.

Benchmarks (1 year):

        Explore using resources (e.g. provided by MASC) to update and maintain EBPS policies.

        Begin the systematic review and revision of existing policies.

        Identify gaps in policy and propose any necessary additions to the EB School Committee Policies.

Goal #5:               Student Achievement
We will seek evidence of data driven decision making to guide the revision of policies as they relate to the responsibilities of the School Committee.

Benchmark (1 year):

        Request regular updates from the Superintendent and school based administrators about data analysis and related decisions at each school.