NEW 11/16/18 8:47 AM - An all call was sent district wide notifying families that the telephone lines are down throughout the district. The issue is on the side of our provider and our IT team is working with them to get it running. Please feel free to email the school your child attends should you need assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope it is resolved quickly.


NEW 11/15/18 12:20 PM - Please click below to review a Press Release from Superintendent Legault and Police Chief Scott Allen regarding the shelter in place at the EBJSHS this morning. 


NEW 11/15/18 10:07 AM The East Bridgewater Police Department and Superintendent have lifted the shelter in place. All student, staff and personnel are safe.  The day will resume as scheduled.  The Superintendent and Chief Allen will be issuing a statement later this morning.

NEW 11/15/18  9:17 AM  - At this time the EBJSHS is in shelter in place as we take precautionary measures to secure and continue monitoring any potential threat to students, faculty and staff.  The EB Police are on site and helping with the current situation.  The Superintendent of Schools will release a statement shortly.