Vikings Sports Parents

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The Vikings Sports Parents is a parent volunteer group whose objective is to raise funds to award scholarships to qualified senior athletes.  To qualify for a scholarship student athletes need to earn a total of 10 VSP points.  8 of the 10 VSP points need to be earned prior to the athletes senior year. To earn these points student athletes need to volunteer at our fundraising/recognition events. Volunteering at these events will earn them VSP POINTS. Along with point earning, a scholarship application needs to also be submitted and students must play 1 sport a year to qualify for a VSP Scholarship. Student Athletes can start volunteering/earning in 7th grade. To stay up to date please join our email distribution list. This will keep you posted on events we are running as well as our monthly meeting.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event / meeting.


Contact information:

[email protected]



Football Snack Shack - Parents 2023-



Current Executive Board Members:
President: Jenn Pohl 
Vice President: Trista Higgins
Treasurer: Sonia Mann
Secretary: Katie Riley