Special Education Department Staff

East Bridgewater Public Schools
Special Education Department Staff
Specialized Services Office : 508-378-5962 
Special Education Services : 508-378-5963
John Phelan Director of Special Education [email protected]
Joanne Connors Administrative Assistant  [email protected]
 Lynne McKenney Administrative Assistant  [email protected]
Sheila Pero       IEP Coordinator PreK-3  [email protected]
Andrea Lopes IEP Coordinator 4-7  [email protected]
Mitchell Daley IEP Coordinator 8-12       [email protected]
Thomas Mahoney  School Psychologist PreK-3  [email protected]
Clare Snoonian School Psychologist 4-7 [email protected]
Veronica Frank School Psychologist 8-12  [email protected]
Alan Dias-Martin School District BCBA [email protected]
Central School: 508-378-8204 (Preschool, Grades K-2)
 Sheila Pero Early Childhood Coordinator  [email protected]
Cathy Costa Gr. K Special Needs [email protected]
Katie White     Gr. 1 Special Needs  [email protected]
 DeAnna Munroe     Gr. 2 Special Needs  [email protected]
Carolyn Murray Access Learning Center PK [email protected]
Melissa Johnson Access Learning Center K [email protected]
 Amanda Chipman    Access Learning Center I  [email protected]
Alyson Emma Access Learning Center II [email protected]
Cortney Kelly Therapeutic Learning Center [email protected]
 Patrice Grace Speech & Language, PreK & K  [email protected]
 Nicole Murphy Speech & Language, Gr.1 & 2  [email protected]
 Jennifer Packard Occupational Therapist  [email protected]
Eldine Montabaun ELL Teacher [email protected]
Gordon W. Mitchell School: 508-378-8209 (Grades 3-6)
 Jennifer Tarpey Gr. 3 Special Needs  [email protected]
Carlie Wilson Gr. 3 Special Needs [email protected]
 Alexandra Chuckran Gr. 4 Special Needs  [email protected]
Jessica Harding Gr. 4 Special Needs [email protected]
 Chris Traynor Gr. 5 Special Needs  [email protected]
Diane Barbetta Gr. 5 Special Needs [email protected]
 Jean Ando Gr. 6 Special Needs  [email protected]
Margaret Nee         Gr. 6 Special Needs       [email protected]
Allyson Cournoyer Access Learning Center I [email protected]
Melissa Daigle Access Learning Center II  [email protected]
 Heather Kenneally Therapeutic Learning Center [email protected]
Kelly Gibbs Language Learning Center Gr. 3-6 [email protected]
Karen Connell Occupational Therapist  [email protected]
 Lisa Dion Speech & Language   [email protected]
 Emily Derochea       Speech & Language     [email protected]
 Erica Marder           Reading Teacher               [email protected]
Morgan Luke ELL Teacher [email protected]
East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School: 508-378-8214 (Grades 7-12)
Taryn Lagarto Special Needs Gr. 7 [email protected]
  Special Needs Gr. 8  
Katelyn Maney Special Needs Gr. 9 and Gr. 12 [email protected]
Paul Bornstein Special Needs Gr. 10 and Gr. 11 [email protected]
Amanda Faidell Subseparate Classroom [email protected]
Matthew Baillargeon Access Learning Center Gr. 7-9 [email protected]
Heather Kidney Access Learning Center Gr. 10-12 [email protected]
Brian Tice Therapeutic Learning Center Gr. 7-8 [email protected]
Jessica Holt Therapeutic Learning Center I Gr. 9-12 [email protected]
Greg O'Sullivan Therapeutic Learning Center II  Gr. 9-12 [email protected]
Susan Guerchon Language Learning Center Gr. 7-8 [email protected]
Amanda Cullinan Language Learning Center Gr. 9-12 [email protected]
Elizabeth Finn Speech & Language  [email protected]
Karen Connell Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Kim Parsloe ELL Teacher [email protected]
Itinerant Services
Cheryl Germaine Wilson Reading Teacher [email protected]
JoAnn Hutchinson PT - North River Collab [email protected]
Patrick Ricardo Orientation & Mobility [email protected]